Our Father Connects (#OurFatherDevotional)

This year, we're sharing ways in which our God is truly Father to the fatherless in our special #OurFather devotional series. This month, Ronne Rock tells the story of seeing Jesus in those around us.

"Don't stand on the sidelines." Stephen Spencer (#ShareYourStOOry)

Having a heart to serve others can take you all over the world. It has certainly done so for Stephen Spencer, founding board member of Orphan Outreach.

Care to Make It Through the Days

Word has gotten out in the small corner of a northeast India village that Zamawii is receiving a special gift. The 70-year old grandmother lives in a two-room shanty carefully perched on stilts, resting against the side of a cliff. There are two benches, a small bed, and a makeshift kitchen with a hot plate and little else. Today, one more thing will be added, and it’s causing a curious stir in the community.

What Hope Sounds Like (#ShareYourStOOry)

Thank you, Kaylei Ward, for sharing your heart after traveling with us to India to serve at Dar-Ul-Fazl. Yes, we love the sound of hope too.

Our Father Advocates (#OurFatherDevotional)

This year, we're sharing ways in which our God is truly Father to the fatherless in our special #OurFather devotional series. This month, we're honored to share the wisdom of Morgan Scott.

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2016-2017 Orphan Outreach Annual Report

“What's in the best interest of each child we serve?” As you read through the pages of the 2016-2017 Annual Report, you’ll see the dedication of a global team committed to always asking this very question. You’ll see the power of partnership as we come alongside national ministries dedicated to individualized, Christ-centered care for orphans and vulnerable children. And most of all, you’ll see the impact in the life of a child and the heart of a community when we work together, sharing our time, our talent, and our treasure. Your faithfulness bears good fruit daily.

Medical Mission Trip to Guatemala • October 13-21, 2018

Bring health and hope to vulnerable children and their families in Santiago, Guatemala! Be part of the Orphan Outreach Guatemala Medical Missions Ministry, October 13-21, 2018. Both medical and non-medical professionals serve together to offer both daily clinics and children’s ministry in this Lake Atitlan village. Register now - the deadline is June 1st!

news and events

Have you ever thought about traveling to India on a mission trip? Hear directly from the trip participants and India Director about why you should go. #orphanoutreach #india #missiontrip